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The Bucket List of Half Marathons in the US

Marathons have become the rage with many people across the country and the number of people participating in marathons has more than quadrupled over the years. Over 2 million people participated in half marathons in 2014 and those runners had about 2,200 half-marathons to choose from. The participation for each of those half marathons ranged from a few hundred to over 25,000. So how do you choose from 2,200 options? We’ve put together a list of the best half marathons to participate in – keeping in mind the competitiveness, popularity, history, scenic beauty and more from all over the country like Vermont to Hawaii, Florida to Indiana.

  • NYC Half

If you love NYC and you want to do something different, how about the half marathon that takes place every March? It’s different from the five boroughs NYC marathon as that takes you through the five boroughs of NYC, hence the name. This half marathon is completely set within the limits of Manhattan and the race starts at the famous Central Park loop before heading off towards the Hudson River.

  • 500 Festival Mini Marathon

This is considered to be one of the largest half marathons in the country with over 25,000 participants. Apart from the size of the half marathon, it is also known for its 2.5 mile loop around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track from miles 6-8.

  • Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas

RnR-Vegas-640x360You’re headed there for a night of chance at the tables or just to take in the vibes of the night life are great Las Vegas experiences. But to truly make your Las Vegas trip extra memorable is to run through the Las Vegas strip at night. This is the only time that the famous Strip will be shut to vehicles for the participants and with the Las Vegas vibe and ambience, as you can imagine, this will be no ordinary race. Part-race and part party, this unique, one-of-a-kind event takes place in November every year.

  • Covered Bridges

This race in Vermont has been taking place for the past 25 years and is famous for the various covered bridges which the participants run through, hence the name of the race. This race is a non-profit one which donates more than $50,000 annually to various youth causes. It is also known as the ‘best 13.1 miles in New England’.

  • La Jolla

La Jolla Children's Pool Aerial PhotoThis course takes you through some of the most beautiful vistas as you run along the route. It’s a point to point course and it’s incredible, but don’t mistake it for being easy. This race takes place in April every year and starts at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and ends up near La Jolla cove which is 13.1 miles away. The runners are treated to amazing views along the Pacific coastline and it takes them through some of San Diego’s most scenic routes, but with many challenging hills and terrain as part of the course, you are advised to train accordingly for the La Jolla Half marathon.

  • Brooklyn

    3.11.12 Inaugural Hapalua - Hawaii's Half Marathon #29 winner Thomas Puzey, followed by #25 Dany Maley Gregory Yamamoto, Photography

Another popular half marathon, especially amongst the New York runners, it takes participants from the Brooklyn Museum to the famous Coney Island Boardwalk. Taking place every May, it is one of the most popular half marathons in the country.

  • The Hapalua

You’re in a beautiful location and you feel the urge to run? Why not take part in ‘Hawaii’s Half Marathon’. Taking place in April every year, the race starts and finishes in Waikiki and participants run alongside the Oahu coastline and into downtown Honolulu.

I wouldn’t call myself a couch potato from any angle, but I wouldn’t call myself an athlete either. I’ve more or less been active my entire life and loved to be part of sports games o other physical activities like hiking and general tom foolery. But somehow running a marathon never featured on my bucket list or on things to do list. In fact, it never even came close to being featured. Nuh uh.
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