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Run Forrest Run! Amazing Facts about Running

Spring is well underway and with the winter snow and ice melted away and the sun shining brightly, you feel the urge to tie up the shoelaces of your trust sneakers and run. Running is a great way to keep fit, is a great cardiovascular exercise, boosts your immune system and also helps you sleep better at night! Here are some facts about running.

  • Running gives you a high

spot-862274_1920It’s not a myth when people say they feel high after a good run. Running releases endorphins in your body that causes euphoria. So if you run, you’re bound to feel a happy high apart from feeling charged up for the day.

  • Running is goooooooood for you – you lose a lot of calories

Burn, baby, burn. Not only will you burn calories when you run, but it is also dependent on your weight, pace and fitness level. If a woman who weighs 150 pounds runs 6 miles, she’ll burn around 567 calories. But the fitter you get, the lesser you lose which means you’ll have to run faster or longer.

  • Slow and steady wins..

It doesn’t matter how slow you run, you’ll still burn calories. In fact, even if you jog on a turtle’s pace, you can burn at least 10 calories per minute which is great news if you have indulged in yummy chocolates and desserts.

  • Old is goldgym-1180054_1280

The oldest man to run a marathon was Fauja Singh, an Indian man who was a hundred years old at the time. Even better, he decided to try running when he was 89 years old! This shows that you are really never too old to try out anything if you set your mind at it.

  • Nature vs. Gyms

You may think that running the same distance will burn the same amount of calories when you’re outside as compared to the gym, but running outside vs. your treadmill will burn more calories just because of the air resistance. Of course, nice sceneries won’t hurt either.

  • Tribal runners

The Kalenjin Tribe of northwest Kenya has produced 12 of the top 20 distance runners in the world.

  • Fat deposits can help you run

This doesn’t mean we’re saying to go pig out. Our bodies’ composition is such that if needed, we have enough energy in our bodies to run non-stop for three days on an average pace of 24 km per hour. That is very unrealistic as the average pace usually works out to be within 10 – 12 kms per hour.

  • The Rarámuri tribe

Tarahumaras1This Mexican tribe is known for their long distance running abilities which have baffled people from all over the world as it is not confined to just a few people but to the entire tribe! The word Rarámuri is translated to ‘runners on foot’ or ‘those who run fast’ in their native tongue. The people developed the ability to run 200 miles in one session over a period of two days over rough canyon country in minimal footwear.

  • Marathon Origins

The whole idea of having a marathon was born from the myth of the messenger Philippides who ran nonstop from Marathon to Athens to deliver the message of Greece’s victory over the Persians, only to fall down dead after he delivered the message. This story is retold in Robert Browning’s poem.

  • Give a rhythm to your step

Music can actually help your running performance by boosting it by 15%. Of course, it depends on the type of runner you are. If you meditate while you run then it’s not for you. But if you like to get stimulated by your environment, then getting some tunes pumped while you run will make you run better!


I wouldn’t call myself a couch potato from any angle, but I wouldn’t call myself an athlete either. I’ve more or less been active my entire life and loved to be part of sports games o other physical activities like hiking and general tom foolery. But somehow running a marathon never featured on my bucket list or on things to do list. In fact, it never even came close to being featured. Nuh uh.
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